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Reiki Energy Healing

Feeling out of sorts? A Reiki session can help you regain a sense of balance and well-being. What’s more, Reiki (life force energy) can be used for your present state and it can also be sent to heal past events or to set the stage for a special event.

Cost: $85.00
Length: 50 minutes
Location: Tigerlily Holistic in Ridgewood, NYC
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Flower Essences

Flower Essences are made through the alchemy of water + flowers + sun. The result is water that carries the essence of the flower’s vibration and healing qualities.

Each flower offers a different healing gift. Schedule a consultation so that a flower essence blend can be created for your personalized needs. The blend can be mailed to you anywhere in the U.S.

Only 4 drops, 4 times daily will offer you a subtle vibrational shift and mind-body-soul alignment thanks to the healing grace of the flowers.

Cost: $95.00
Length of consultation: 50 minutes
(conducted via zoom or Facetime).
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Inner Journey Visualization

A visualization can be surprisingly enjoyable and emotionally healing. Do you have a past experience that you would like to see differently in order to heal? Or would you like to imagine yourself poised for productivity and success? Would you like to have a conversation with your higher self? All these are possible!

Visualizations work because whatever you imagine to be real, will impact your body. So by imagining good scenarios, your body responds with joy or following a path forward. That’s why atheletes use visualizations to get ready for their competitive games.

Cost: $75.00
Length of session: 45 minutes
Sessions are conducted remotely via zoom or facetime.
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Emotional Freedom Technique

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka: Tapping) is a simple and effective way to explore, improve, and heal from troubling conditions in your life.

EFT can be used to:
better handle conflicts
reduce stress
improve health
build confidence & self-esteem
alleviate anxiety
be resilient through big changes in life
progress towards a goal
improve your performance skills
turn confusion into clarity
Increase creativity & productivity

Two types of sessions are offered.

Schedule an Initial EFT session: $127.00 for 90-minutes
Schedule a Follow-up session: $85.00 for 60-minutes
Pay in advance of session via Venmo @wildrosereiki
or Paypal using wildrosereiki.nyc to identify our account.
All sessions are conducted via zoom.

About Us

Eloise (she/her) is a wellness practitioner from California whose work in the health field began in the 1970s as a lay midwife. In the 80s & 90s, she pursued academia, and earned an M.A. in cross cultural counseling and an M.F.A. in Visual Arts. In 2001, her interests turned towards energy healing. In 2001, she began training in many different healing modalities. She became a Reiki Master in 2005. She studied intuitive development with V.R.R. Chriss Lemmon and curandismo (traditional Mexican healing) with Madre Sarita. From 2016 – 2018, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for the Healthy Schools program in Guatemala. Among her many activities there, she taught EFT (tapping on acupressure points) for stress reduction to educators and their students and taught several Reiki courses to Guatemalans and Peace Corps Volunteers.

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  • Text: (917) 892-6425
  • Instagram: @wildrosereiki

Comments from Clients

“Eloisa is a gift to this world. She is a healer and has a kind, warm, non judgmental soul. I came to Eloisa with a lot of pain, sadness, anger, and fear from different experiences I’ve had throughout my life. Eloisa not only helped me identify where these emotions were stemming from but gave me accessible tools to work through them. Every modality she shared had a great impact on me and my trauma. What I love about this work is you can continue to use it as new things or old things arise. Eloisa creates an open and supportive environment which is so important. I’ve been able to let go of some really deep rooted feelings that negatively impacted my day to day life working with her. I’m so grateful. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know.” Kaya J

“Working with Eloisa over the last 8 years has benefited my life beyond measure. In the beginning, we worked through fears as I battled breast cancer. Through her heart-centered relaxation techniques & Inner Journey sessions, I found ways to release fear and actually found joy and hope. Then we worked on the rebuilding my life and the stressors one faces in the post-cancer journey. Eloisa has supported me through moves across the country a couple times, starting an acupuncture practice, major fire devastation, dealing with life’s ups and downs and now this current Covid 19 health crisis and the uncertainties that it brings. I always look forward to Inner Journeys with Eloisa! She is pure joy and makes diving into the “scarier” sides of life so much easier. I am stronger today more than ever!” Tessa N.

“Eloisa’s approach is unique…she allows you to tap into your own inner guidance. She puts you in touch with yourself with her creative exercises and sense of spirituality.”– E. C.

“Eloise is a multi-talented teacher and healer. Her ability to guide offers tremendous opportunities for growth, the expression of personal power and self-confidence.” – B.T.

“I want to thank you for the work that you do. After our first session I have to admit, the feeling I had around me was exhilarating…even the next day I felt so connected, so much happiness within, and as I looked outside and all around, I took deep breaths admiring creation, because the world seemed so beautiful. So much gratitude for your patience in teaching me new ways of healing as I know we can help heal this world one person at a time.” – Diane D.V.

“Thank you, Eloisa, your practice & healing modality is such a gift…so authentic & unique.” Donna V.

I had a session with Eloise. It was absolutely amazing! It was one of the deepest, most intense and interesting experiences I have ever had. Whenever I have an experience like this, part of me just tries to blow it off and say that I just imagined everything, but this was so detailed–I can still remember it vividly like it actually happened in physical reality. I’m still stunned as I’m writing this.” Candace H.

“I’m still flying from a reent session guided by Eloisa de Leon. Eloisa’s support and guidance truly create fertile ground to expand awareness of the wisdom within. I did mine long distance, and it was amazing.” Endy B.