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Welcome! My name is Eloise de Leon and I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner offering services in the Financial District in lower Manhattan.

The field of Energy Medicine is well regarded and widely used in hospitals, clinics and homes throughout the U.S. For instance, Reiki, an Energy Medicine modality, is used by many health care professionals and lay practitioners around the world. Some of the leaders of the field of Energy Medicine include Donna Eden, Caroline Myss, Gary Craig, Dr. Brad Nelson, Sandi Radomski, and Barbara Brennan. Energy Medicine is meant to complement your medical care; it is not meant to substitute for it. Most modalities that fit the category of Energy Medicine are easily performed and offer great benefits for one’s emotional and physical health.

I also provide spiritual & life coaching through which a person can explore personal issues in order to create balance and meaningful purpose in their lives. Meditation and mindfulness are used in these coaching sessions.

Please peruse this website for more details on my services and use the green button to schedule your session.

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