IMG_0019My name is Eloise DeLeon and I am a Wellbeing Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner. I specialize in working with people who consider themselves sensitve to their surroundings and other people.

My services are detailed in other pages on this website and listed below for quick reference:

The Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) will help you work through conflicts, challenges, or manifest goals. No small feat!

The Emotion Code is a brilliant method for releasing emotions that have been trapped within one’s body or psyche. You can even release trapped emotions that you absorbed from an ancestor, thus healing you and the ancestor. It’s a beautiful thing.

Flower Essences are wondrous! They help you create energetic boundaries that allow you to safely and comfortably engage with others in any environment. More than that, Flower Essences can empower you and attune you to your Higher Self.

A Reiki session will calm your nervous system, reduce your stress, and help you feel centered. It is the only service that is offered in-person, for vaccinated people, only. 

I’m available to work with you wherever you live via Zoom. If you are interested in working on a specific issue or want to build confidence or productivity in your life, schedule a session now. Don’t worry about which is the right service to choose. They are all empowering and can help you move forward in a beneficial way.  Questions? Contact me at eloisemargaret@gmail.com  

Menu of Services:
Emotion Code
Flower Essences



Disclaimer:  these services should not be used as a substitute for medical care or therapy from a licensed therapist.