nl res elly portraitMy name is Eloise DeLeon and I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner. I specialize in working with people who consider themselves sensitive – sensitve to their surroundings and other people.  Highly sensitive people can walk into a room and sense its energy and feel uplifted or drained as a consequence. Highly sensitive people are empathic people who for example, may feel the grief of a person they are consoling. Sensitive people need to understand and safeguard their energy system.

I use Flower Essences and Intuitive Guidance to help people create energetic boundaries that allows them to comfortably engage with others in any environment. 

In addition to sensitive people, I work with anyone who would like to process emotional issues or goals they are persuing in life. Each of you has powerful inner wisdom and spirit guidance. My role is to show you how to access your rich resources. 

Questions? Contact me at eloisewildrosereiki@gmail.com  

Menu of Services:
Flower Essences
Intuitive Guidance
Inner Journey


Disclaimer:  these services should not be used as a substitute for medical care or therapy from a licensed therapist.