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Hi, my name is Eloise de Leon and I am an Alternative Healing Practitioner. I work with the subtle energies that make up your body and energy field. After many years of tuning into subtle energies, I can feel areas of the body that need support and balance and I do that work with my hands and a few ingeniously designed energy tools. I also provide alternative coaching sessions in which a person can examine and process issues in their life.

I work out of Tigerlily Holisitic Community Acupuncture Clinic in Brooklyn, before and after their acupuncture hours. If requested, I can also provide sessions during daytime hours at TRS Professional Suites located in the Financial District of Manhattan.

If you haven’t had a Reiki session before, just do it! And for those that choose to learn Reiki, well, it can be the sweetest game changer in life. I will teach Reiki I & II this summer, 2019, so please send an email or text if you are interested in details:  eloisemargaret@gmail.com /  (917) 892 -6425

Cheers to your health and well-being!

Photo:  Tigerlily Holistic Community Acupuncture Clinic