During the early part of a Reiki session, I gently lift the client’s head to place my hands underneath and allow Reiki energy to flow into the sixth chakra. Some clients have heads that are light weight and their necks are loose. Sometimes, however, a person might have palpable tension in their neck and their head might feel as heavy as a bowling ball.

When the head is noticeably heavy, it’s an indication to me that they are mentally tied to a lot of people. I thought it was a silly idea at first but now I simply accept it–too many people in the head can make the head heavy! So let’s say that a client’s head is really heavy. It may be that are a supervisor overseeing people and answering to others. Or maybe the person is an artist working on a collaborative project and they worry about how they are seen by their collaborators, curators, critics and audiences. Another scenario could be that a person comes from a close knit family and everyone wants to weigh in on their life’s choices.

In the examples above (there could be many more) a person may feel confused, off-balance, or might say, “I’m not myself.” They may have thoughts that feel foreign and might feel queasy in the stomach. They might develop self-doubt.

All of us might have these symptoms to a certain degree and it can come and go. That’s normal. In a Reiki session, I simply guide the client to clear out interfering influences. Clients typically feel lighter and freer. A simple command is all that is needed:

Everyone out of my energy space! Everyone out of my head!
I am (state your full name) and only (state your full name).

This is such an easy exercise, right? So whenever you feel off-kilter or have odd thoughts or dreams, just say the above phrases. Take command of your body and energy field. But if it becomes an ongoing pattern then it’s important to really ground yourself. Grounding is the process of clearing away anyone who is not you, from your energy space and be better anchored by Mother Earth.

You can find grounding methods on Youtube. I especially love to just stand barefoot on the earth and consciously connect to Mother Earth. I offer her gratitude and love and ask that she cleanse me. I can ask the same of my Higher Self or my Spirit Guide or Divine Mother. We have a lot of support available to us on the spirit realms.

I also teach a more complex version of grounding that I’ve used for the past seventeen years. I will speak about in the next post. Stay tuned!



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