Grounding Pt 2

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So let me tell you a story about how I learned how to ground. I was hired to teach a classroom of teens in foster care. After a week I was overcome with a non-stop queasy nervousness in my body but especially in my stomach. It was nearly debilitating. I mentioned it to a therapist on campus who had become a friendly acquaintance. She listened carefully to my story and told me that she understood what I was going through. She gave me the name and number of a teacher who could help me but she didn’t say how. After another week of misery, I called the mystery teacher for help. His name was Rev. Chriss Lemmon and by coincidence or synchronicity, his beginning spiritual healing class was starting that weekend. He taught metaphysical energy through his organization and church called the Order of the Ascended Rose (OAR). The Catholic school girl in me shuddered to think of what I was getting into!

The class took place in Encinitas, near the beach. The students appeared like professional, “normal” people. Normal, except that they were all psychic as heck! I was the only one who couldn’t see what they were seeing! A lot of the training exercises involved psychic perceptions but since I couldn’t yet see what others saw psychically, I had to visualize. Rev. Lemmon explained that visualizations, or thought-forms as he called them, were valuable because the body responded to them as if they were real. He guided us to attach a long hollow cord from our root chakra to the middle of the earth as a way to drain out energies that did not serve us, and to anchor and balance us. He also taught us how to create a strong auric boundary so that we could stay clear of other people’s energies.

The miracle of it all was that it worked quickly. I grounded daily and was no longer plagued by the overwhelming nervous energy. I had been picking up the energies of the students which collectively were fear, sadness, confusion, and anger. I had been a little too empathic taking all the energies into my body. Grounding helped me clear my energetic body and maintain good boundaries. In time I began to feel the freedom of knowing myself.

Nowadays, when clients complain of feeling confused or appear a little unsettled about events in their life, I suspect that they need to get grounded. Grounding helps one attune to one’s own wisdom rather than be swayed by outside influences.

If you are interested in learning the grounding technique that I learned from the V.R.R. Rev. Lemmon, you can set up a coaching session with me and we can work either in-person or via skype or phone.

I learned marvelous things from V.R.R. Rev. Chriss Lemmon who has since retired. He was a wonderful storyteller and wise teacher who made a profound difference in my life. I didn’t have to worry about falling into a cult, because he didn’t like people staying around longer than they needed. He valued freedom and independence. Within two years of studying with V.R.R. Rev. Lemmon, I was ordained as a Spiritual Minister in the Order of the Ascended Rose (2004). It wasn’t until years later that I truly understood the meaning and beauty of the name, the Ascended Rose. I will write about that that in future posts. If you have any questions about this post or other health or energy topics, feel free to contact me at

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