Energy Healing

I’ll start this new series of blogs by writing about energy healing as it was taught to me by the V.R.R. Chriss Lemmon. He was such a character when I knew him (we’ve lost touch over the past many years). He looked a lot like Santa with his rosy cheeks and ready smile. He was psychic as heck and he could always tell what was going on far beyond outer appearances.

One evening I arrived to our energy healing class and sat in the large circle with my fellow students. During the break, VRR Lemmon, walked directly to me and with a serious look on his face, asked me what was wrong. I suprised myself by bursting out with my pent up social anxiety declaring, “No one here likes me!” I sounded like a petulant child. He smiled softly and moved his hands around my energy field to clear away my emotional distress and whatever pesky critters might have attached themselves to me. I appreciated how he attended to me in such a non-judgmental way. I calmed right down and resumed class with a better sense of camaraderie.

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