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My name is Eloisa de Leon and I live in New York City. I am a mother, grandmother, artist, healer, and former Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala (2016-2018).

My certifications include:
Reiki Master
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified Life Coach with advanced training in Creativity Coaching
Certified Hypnotist
Ordained Spiritual Minister, NYC
Certified in N.A.D.A. Ear Acupuncture
Flower Essence Practitioner (July 2020)

I trained in: energy metaphysics and spiritual healing with Rev. Chriss Lemmon; spiritual healing with Madre Sarita (Mexican curandera); creativity coaching with Eric Maisel; acupressure with Michael Reed Gach. And I have decades of experience using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Ho’oponopono, and Ask & Receive.

My Spiritual Path
I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in 1972. In 1976, I attended a 3-month Phase I TM Teacher Training course in Fairfield, Iowa. I completed it just before the birth of my daughter, Ariel, who was coincidentally born on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s birthday! I gave birth to my son, 8 years later a couple of blocks from the Self-Realization temple in Encinitas. Paramahansa Yogananda was also a great influence on me in my early life.

The next few decades were spent as a busy householder, occasionally meditating, listening to spiritual teachings of Adyashanti and other awakened teachers, and maintaining a steadfast appreciation for the lives of saints such as Saint Teresa of Avila, St. Hildegard von Bingen, and my patron saint, Mary Magdelene. In 2004, I learned the practice of mindfulness through many sittings and mindfulness walks with Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh.

In 2008 I had a life-altering experience. After nearly two years studying spiritual healing with Madre Sarita, she died at the age of 97. Three months after her death, she communicated with me during a channeled session. I was shocked, to say the least—it was beyond my scope of understanding. The channeler was a young woman who did not know me or Madre Sarita and yet she spoke for her, reminding me of a pact made eons ago. The pact was to help bring forth teachings that would help in the ascension of earth and humanity. The teachings are about compassion and the importance of understanding our true nature as crystalline beings of light.


The teachings were documented in a book that I self-published titled, All Light, All One (2012). At that time, the channeler had chosen to remain anonymous and she had given me permission to copyright the book.

The most extraordinary thing about the teachings is that as a person reads the book (or listens to an audio of them), they undergo an upgrade in consciousness. The book is transformational, meant to assist the reader in their ascension process.

In 2018, the channeler was urged by spirit to return to the book. So we worked for over a year to update the book and plan a new format for publishing. Throughout that time, we continued to receive messages from ‘Madre.’ The book is now in the hands of the channeler to re-publish under a new title.

I learned about death through the channeled transmissions with Madre though it is hard for me to truly comprehend. The voice that comes through the transmissions is Divine Mother in union with the eternal soul that has lived countless lives on earth, one of which as Madre Sarita. Identity is not the same after death as we think of it on earth. It is not differentiated or separate. The divine truth as I understand it is that Madre is me and she is you; we are all One.

100_8449Photo:  Madre Sarita and my daughter, Ariel, seated. I am behind them. (2007)

I do not follow any religion; I follow my heart. I am deeply grateful for all of the teachers who have graced my path.

B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning, (UCSD) University of California, San Diego
M.A. in Cross Cultural Counseling, CBB program, California State University, San Diego
M.F.A. in Visual Arts (UCSD)
Two-year post-graduate artist research fellowship from MEXUS, UCRiverside

I am a founding member of the San Diego Reiki Corps and for five years I served on their Reiki team at Sharp’s Memorial Hospital for Oncology patients. In NYC, I served five years on the volunteer healing team at You Can Thrive, providing Reiki to women with breast cancer.

From 2016 – 2018, I served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala, working with educators in rural schools. I even taught educators and students the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)! Outside of my Peace Corps work, I taught Reiki and offered Reiki sessions. The role of a Peace Corps Volunteer is three-fold:  provide technical assistance according to the needs of the area and its people; help host country national understand the diversity of U.S. culture; and help Americans understand and appreciate the culture of your country of service. There is no age limit for Peace Corps Volunteers – but you must be in good health and have the education or commensurate experience required for the position you seek.

Currently, I serve as a Volunteer Advocate in Mt. Sinai Beth Israel Hospital’s Victim Services Program. I provide support to people who arrive in the emergency room after a sexual assault or domestic violence. I am humbled by the resilience of patients and the dedication of social workers and staff who run the program.

I am also a member of C.R.R.E.W. which is comprised of acupuncturists and other types of healers. We offer care during emergency situations such during the Sandy Hurricane in NYC. We are currently providing limited care to NYC health care workers affected by the stress of their front-line work during the pandemic. We are limited only because of the small number of us – hopefully we can grow!

I highly encourage everyone to find ways to volunteer because we are here to help each other just as people have helped each of us along the way.

Photo below: A Mayan women’s group in Guatemala. I’m seated to the far right. They provide Reiki sessions and trainings, herbal consultations, counseling, and education to women in their city. I continue a strong friendship and support of this outstanding women’s group. 



I pursue a blend of spiritual and creative practice through writing, photography and videography. I co-produced with Ralph Chaney and Tripp Mikich, and edited by Michael De Leon (my brother). It is a documentary about mindfulness recorded at a retreat for People of Color and it is titled, Colors of Compassion: Teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh (2010).