Enter the Roaring 2020s

[Kuan Yin statue at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art in Manhattan. ‘Kuan-shi Yin means ‘Observing the Sounds (or cries) of the world.]

It’s January 3, 2020 as I write this post and we are on the precipice of war with Iran. I can’t even believe that I am writing these words. Although I would like to avoid this subject, I cannot in good conscience, be silent. What do we do? Write letters to our senators and congressional representatives? March? Pray? Well, yes, of course, all of that and also vote for people that are most likely to serve and nurture humanity and the planet.

This is 2020 and we deserve our bright new year/decade. In spite of the conditions we face in the world (and they are dire, no doubt), it is incumbent on us to bring more light into the world. Anchor yourself in your heart and connect with the earth, the sun, and the Oneness of All That Is. We cannot lose faith in LOVE or we will lose in all respects. Live your life like the badass earth angel you were meant to be.

I’m signing off here but before I go, I want to list my favorite five healing modalities. It might not mean anything to you, but they mean everything to me. I integrate them into my Platica sessions as needed; the Emotion Code is a stand-alone session.

  1.  Emotion Code
  2.  Full Court of Atonement
  3.  Cold Therapy Laser with Ask and Receive
  4.  Energy Balancing Numbers
  5.  Healing Glyphs by Jean Logan

Blessings to you and the world!

Grounding Pt 2

nl res roses
So let me tell you a story about how I learned how to ground. I was hired to teach a classroom of teens in foster care. After a week I was overcome with a non-stop queasy nervousness in my body but especially in my stomach. It was nearly debilitating. I mentioned it to a therapist on campus who had become a friendly acquaintance. She listened carefully to my story and told me that she understood what I was going through. She gave me the name and number of a teacher who could help me but she didn’t say how. After another week of misery, I called the mystery teacher for help. His name was Rev. Chriss Lemmon and by coincidence or synchronicity, his beginning spiritual healing class was starting that weekend. He taught metaphysical energy through his organization and church called the Order of the Ascended Rose (OAR). The Catholic school girl in me shuddered to think of what I was getting into!

The class took place in Encinitas, near the beach. The students appeared like professional, “normal” people. Normal, except that they were all psychic as heck! I was the only one who couldn’t see what they were seeing! A lot of the training exercises involved psychic perceptions but since I couldn’t yet see what others saw psychically, I had to visualize. Rev. Lemmon explained that visualizations, or thought-forms as he called them, were valuable because the body responded to them as if they were real. He guided us to attach a long hollow cord from our root chakra to the middle of the earth as a way to drain out energies that did not serve us, and to anchor and balance us. He also taught us how to create a strong auric boundary so that we could stay clear of other people’s energies.

The miracle of it all was that it worked quickly. I grounded daily and was no longer plagued by the overwhelming nervous energy. I had been picking up the energies of the students which collectively were fear, sadness, confusion, and anger. I had been a little too empathic taking all the energies into my body. Grounding helped me clear my energetic body and maintain good boundaries. In time I began to feel the freedom of knowing myself.

Nowadays, when clients complain of feeling confused or appear a little unsettled about events in their life, I suspect that they need to get grounded. Grounding helps one attune to one’s own wisdom rather than be swayed by outside influences.

If you are interested in learning the grounding technique that I learned from the V.R.R. Rev. Lemmon, you can set up a coaching session with me and we can work either in-person or via skype or phone.

I learned marvelous things from V.R.R. Rev. Chriss Lemmon who has since retired. He was a wonderful storyteller and wise teacher who made a profound difference in my life. I didn’t have to worry about falling into a cult, because he didn’t like people staying around longer than they needed. He valued freedom and independence. Within two years of studying with V.R.R. Rev. Lemmon, I was ordained as a Spiritual Minister in the Order of the Ascended Rose (2004). It wasn’t until years later that I truly understood the meaning and beauty of the name, the Ascended Rose. I will write about that that in future posts. If you have any questions about this post or other health or energy topics, feel free to contact me at


During the early part of a Reiki session, I gently lift the client’s head to place my hands underneath and allow Reiki energy to flow into the sixth chakra. Some clients have heads that are light weight and their necks are loose. Sometimes, however, a person might have palpable tension in their neck and their head might feel as heavy as a bowling ball.

When the head is noticeably heavy, it’s an indication to me that they are mentally tied to a lot of people. I thought it was a silly idea at first but now I simply accept it–too many people in the head can make the head heavy! So let’s say that a client’s head is really heavy. It may be that are a supervisor overseeing people and answering to others. Or maybe the person is an artist working on a collaborative project and they worry about how they are seen by their collaborators, curators, critics and audiences. Another scenario could be that a person comes from a close knit family and everyone wants to weigh in on their life’s choices.

In the examples above (there could be many more) a person may feel confused, off-balance, or might say, “I’m not myself.” They may have thoughts that feel foreign and might feel queasy in the stomach. They might develop self-doubt.

All of us might have these symptoms to a certain degree and it can come and go. That’s normal. In a Reiki session, I simply guide the client to clear out interfering influences. Clients typically feel lighter and freer. A simple command is all that is needed:

Everyone out of my energy space! Everyone out of my head!
I am (state your full name) and only (state your full name).

This is such an easy exercise, right? So whenever you feel off-kilter or have odd thoughts or dreams, just say the above phrases. Take command of your body and energy field. But if it becomes an ongoing pattern then it’s important to really ground yourself. Grounding is the process of clearing away anyone who is not you, from your energy space and be better anchored by Mother Earth.

You can find grounding methods on Youtube. I especially love to just stand barefoot on the earth and consciously connect to Mother Earth. I offer her gratitude and love and ask that she cleanse me. I can ask the same of my Higher Self or my Spirit Guide or Divine Mother. We have a lot of support available to us on the spirit realms.

I also teach a more complex version of grounding that I’ve used for the past seventeen years. I will speak about in the next post. Stay tuned!



Ask and Receive

One of the healing modalities that I enjoy using for myself and clients is Ask and Receive, created by Sandi Radomski and Tom Altaffer.  The technique is simple:  you shine a cold laser light on all parts of the ear (front, side, back) while saying the following:

There’s a part of my being that already knows how to (ex: ‘resolve this conflict with my friend’ or ‘release and heal from this illness’) and that part of my being is willing to inform the rest of me now. It is doing so with grace and ease. My mind, body and spirit are willing to receive this information now. Information transfer is now complete.

When you finish, repeat the phrase and lasering on the other ear. Why laser the ear? Because the nerve endings of the entire body are represented in the ears, hands, and soles of the feet. You could use any of the three; I often use the hands.

If you don’t have a laser, you could just say the statement and have good benefits. Esoterically speaking, the fingertips emit light, so you could use them as your laser! Or, you could lather some lotion on your hands and massage them while you make the statements on both hands.

The lasers that are recommended for Sandi’s method have a 635nm wavelength which promotes healthy cell growth and healing. She cells two types of laser, one is larger than the other but both work perfectly well. These ‘cold lasers’ are sometimes recommended to patients by dentists and plastic surgeons, for a faster recovery from surgery. The only restrictions are: don’t shine it on eyes, thyroid, pregnant belly, or in any case of cancer. I use the laser frequently on my face but I’m careful to avoid my eyes and thyroid. I’ve used it for a decade now with terrific benefits.

I follow Sandi’s work through her Facebook group, Allergy Antidotes Laser Forum. Sandi’s primary work is helping patients with allergies. Put simply, Sandi Radomski is an allergy detective and healer. Her work is complex and results, impressive. She offers training for anyone seeking a profession healing people from allergies.

See photo of the laser with the laser light shining into its cap. This is not the kind of laser used to highlight images or text in presentations! This is for healing.

Sandi’s Facebook group is comprised of enthusiastic folks that have creatively experimented with her technique. Many are energy healing practitioners who understand energy through their practice and for some, through their intuitive or psychic insights.

I recently began weekly sessions with a partner from the FB group. I’m on the east coast and she’s on the west so we use Skype to meet. Our method is for each of us to take half of the session time to focus on a personal goal or issue. For instance if I’m first, I think about a personal issue. I might explain it a little to her as I work to craft my statement. I say the statement aloud and then, she repeats my statement aloud.

We were both kind of shocked to hear our statements said aloud by the other person. It felt as though there was a depth and a promise in the statement. She had the good idea that we should repeat the other person’s statement a few times in-between our sessions. That’s easily done and it feel like a nice offering. We will monitor progress on our issues but we haven’t finished discussing how to do so. I’m enjoying our budding collaboration and friendship. With all that’s bad about Facebook, you have to admit that there’s also good. If you use it, you can’t deny that.

I use the laser and the Ask & Receive statement on clients in my Life Coaching sessions. In those sessions, I also use other techniques such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) or the Full Court of Atonement (FCOA)  that I will write about in future posts.

I highly recommend buying the laser light for use in your family. As I mentioned before, I use it daily on myself using a brain health protocol. I also use it on family members for bumps, burns or scrapes – the garden variety of life’s accidents. My daughter, the acupuncturist, gives it a thumb’s up!

Here’s to your best health!

Music as Self-care

When I was a teen, my only self-care routine was to listen to music. From my early teens into my 20s, when my emotions were full of roller coaster highs and lows, I could always depend on music to soothe and set me straight. Music gave me a sense of belonging to a generation that was powerful, creative, and bold. Back then, Joni Mitchell was pure medicine. Laura Nyro was a Goddess, and there were many bands that I loved, like Weather Report, WAR, Blood Sweat & Tears, anything funky or jazzy, and some Broadway soundtracks like West Side Story, HAIR, the Fantastiks, and a slew of other ones. While I was young, I fell in love with an Englishman who shared with me his passion for contemporary and folk music from the British Isles.  I remain grateful to learn about his favorites. I think my favorite English male singers were Richard Thompson and Steve Winwood. Julie Driscoll, Linda Thompson, Sandy Denny.

Speaking of the English, here’s a video of Sir Paul McCartney on Carpool Karaoke! Wow!

More recently I lived in Guatemala for two years (2016 – 2018), and each night I listened to a playlist of seven Elton John songs. I didn’t have an ipod or even internet service. I only had those seven songs recorded in my cell phone. And for some reason, there was something in his voice that each time, triggered strong memories and emotions of my youth. The songs were from his earliest album and it gave me all the feels of a summer in Santa Barbara – the air, the waves, the love, and the sweetest little cafe that had incredible musical offerings. It reminded me of living with a bunch of TM meditators just before they opened Maharishi International University (MIU) in Fairfield, Iowa. I remember being with Maharishi and his pundits from India as they chanted in the evenings. And I remember the vegetarian food that was the best I ever had. All those memories in those seven Elton John songs. I didn’t even realize that I liked Elton John that much until I got to Guatemala – funny, that. Every night for two years, imagine. His music felt like home for this homesick woman. I also listened (and continue to listen almost daily) to a lot of Juan Gabriel and Jose Jose, my favorite Mexican singers.

Here in NYC I’ve been to several clubs, big and small, to hear music. I need it so much! As an alternative healing practitioner, I have loads of self-care methods but truly there is no medicine as sweet or powerful as music to heal my heart and make me dance.

What music do you enjoy? What music is the tapestry of your youth? What are you listening to right now? Feel free to comment.