Cheryl: Preparing for Change

Cheryl’s inner journey was hauntingly poetic. Once we did the deep relaxation and began the session, Cheryl was shocked by how lucid her imagery was. Not everyone has this ability but some with more psychic skills, do. Cheryl felt as though she was actually there, in her inner landscape.

Session Begins

Asked to find an inner landscape, Cheryl felt herself instantly transported to a desert where there was no vegetation. But noticing a gentle wind, she felt safe there. Cheryl is a talented, young seamstress so when I asked her what she wore, she was delighted to give me details. “I’m wearing a flowy, floral, tiered dress with a kind of veil. I’m barefoot.” Cheryl invited her higher self to join her in the session, to act as her guide. The higher self Cheryl’s appeared looking just like Cheryl but more tanned and rugged. She wore a long green dress with buttons and canvas boots.

Cheryl asked her higher self, “How am I doing in my life?” Her higher self laughed and said, “Fine! Don’t take things so personally. Just have fun.” The guide grabbed and hugged Cheryl and together, they started spinning and laughing. [Spinning is actually very common in Inner Journeys and often precedes interdimensional travel and energy transmissions.]

Cheryl’s higher self told her that she would be traveling soon and said jokingly, “But you’ll need to put some shoes on.” The higher self told Cheryl that her creative work was important and she needed to assemble a kit of everything she would need for her creations while she traveled.

Cheryl asked, “How do I go? It’s expensive.” Her higher self advised her, “Stop saying it’s expensive. Exchange. Keep exchanging. Keep making. I’ll show you how.” And suddenly the guide stood up and ripped off a piece of her own dress. She looked at Cheryl expectantly. Cheryl took the cue and did the same to her own dress. The higher self shouted, “Come with me, let’s run!”

Taking Cheryl’s hand, they ran through the desert waving their pieces of material. Finally, they laid down to rest. A moment later the higher self rose to kneel still waving the fabric in the air. Cheryl did likewise.

As they waved the pieces of cloth, Cheryl welled up with emotion and burst into tears over the beauty of the experience. She looked into the sky and with her gaze fixed upward, Cheryl told her higher self, “I’m not worried about tearing my dress. I can sew it together.” Still looking upward, she heard her guide answer, “I know.” At that, Cheryl turned to look at her guide. Suddenly her eyes popped open in the session and she said to me, “She’s gone!” Closing her eyes again, she was peaceful. Because although it seemed that she was alone, she wasn’t really. Not ever.