Cognomovement is a wellness modality created by Bill McKenna and developed further in partnership with Liz Larsen. McKenna has been interviewed by Regina Meredith on Gaia TV a couple of times and I highly recommend watching those shows!

Cognomovement is designed to help you release limiting thoughts, behaviors, cravings; and to aim you squarely towards your goals with confidence! I have worked with clients with childhood traumas, with epigenetic wounds, and with clients wounded by higher education so that they could re-member the gifts and passions they are meant to pursue. Cognomovement is also a great for improving performance skills in scholastics, sports, and performing arts. Clients just need to be able to move the ball from side to side, following it with their eyes. The Cognomovement ball is pretty special, decorated with colorful chakra symbols.

Cognomovement is only offered remotely. Since I’ve been advised that at the present time there are no cognomovment balls available for purchase, I suggest that you buy a colorful beach ball from CVS to use for your session.

Session length/cost:  1 hour/$87.00

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