Divine Mother


This very special form of healing was channeled by Connie Huebner, in Fairfield, Iowa. Fairfield is a special place to me because I spent three months in 1975, for phase one of Transcendental Meditation teacher training. It was an incredible experience. Connie Huebner comes from the same TM tradition. Studying with her, was also a great gift. Now it is time for me to use the tools she taught me – in fact, it is imperative to share them now, during the world situation that we find ourselves in.

This is basically prayer work. We connect with the Divine Mother of creation and with her help, work to cleanse your energy system, repair holes in the aura, pour divine Light into you and remove obstacles in your way. We end with a prayer of affirmation and gratitude.

Length of Sessions:  45 minutes
Location:  sessions are done by phone
Donation:  $50.00 (more or less according to your ability to pay)

If you would like a session, please send an email to eloisawildrosereiki@gmail.com
with your full name, phone number and time zone. I will text you, to schedule the session time/date.

Payment Methods:
Venmo – payable to @eloisedeleon
Paypal – payable to Eloise De Leon / eloisawildrosereiki@gmail.com

More about Connie Huebner – she holds frequent channeled calls which you can attend for a nominal fee. You can also sign up for daily emails called ‘Divine Mother Online’ to brighten your day! For more information:  divinemotheronline.net