EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping). EFT sessions provide an easy, effective method for many different goals:

•  improve relationships
•  increase health and vitality
•  increase emotional well-being
•  reduce stress, anxiety, fear, anger
•  resolve ambivalence and confusion
•  change limiting beliefs and behaviors
•  improve performance at work, school, sports

There are quite a few variations in how EFT is practiced. EFT seems like an easy process but a skilled practitioner knows that there can be complex layering that keeps a problem in place. The goal to any problem is to get to neutral – a place of peace. And if you have a goal to achieve, the aim is to release limitations and to tune into the emotions of joy of achievement which will fuel your progress. EFt is elegant, effective and easy.

I offer packaged sessions so that you can go in depth on one or more issues. EFT allows  you to unpack layers of the issue and gain insight that will determine your way forward. Through several sessions, you will also be able to learn the nuances of the emotional freedom technique so that it can be all the more powerful when you use it at home on your own.

Package sessions

Violet Package:  4 consecutive weekly sessions for a duration of one month. 
Cost:  $432.00 

Emerald Package:   8 bi-weekly sessions. This package integrates the practice of mindfulness; homework assignments in-between sessions; and email check-ins.
Cost:  $799.00

These sessions are available via Skype. To apply for the Emerald or Ruby series, send your full name and phone number to eloisemargaret@gmail.com. Let me know the best time to call you so that we can schedule your sessions and I can answer any questions you might have. 

Clients’ Comments

“Eloisa’s approach is unique…she allows you to tap into your own inner guidance. She puts you in touch with yourself with her creative exercises and sense of spirituality.”– E. C.

“Eloise is a multi-talented teacher and healer. Her ability to guide offers tremendous opportunities for growth, the expression of personal power and self-confidence.” – B.T.

“I want to thank you for the work that you do. After our first session I have to admit, the feeling I had around me was exhilarating…even the next day I felt so connected, so much happiness within, and as I looked outside and all around I took deep breaths admiring creation, because the world seemed so beautiful. So much gratitude for your patience in teaching me new ways of healing as I know we can help heal this world one person at a time.” – Diane D.V.