The peace within.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a simple, effective way to gently explore personal issues and improve aspects of one’s life. It is a way to gently release the stress from inner wounds and reconsider limiting beliefs in order to move more confidently in your life. EFT sessions are offered via zoom.

EFT can be used to:
understand and better handle conflicts
reduce stress
improve health
build confidence & self-esteem
to learn how to manage or alleviate anxiety
be resilient through big changes in life
progress towards a goal
improve your performance skills (work/school/sports/performing arts)
change confusion into mental clarity
Increase creativity & productivity

EFT is good for the little things that arise during the day as well as for the bigger things in life that is carried around for years.

One excellent way to use EFT is as a personal peace practice. It is a way to review one’s life and make peace with the past. This practice takes a few minutes each day and can support one to have a calmer, happier life.

Length of Session: 
60 minutes
Cost: $85.00 pay via Venmo or Paypal
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Sessions are conducted via Zoom or phone.