Emotion Code

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The Emotion Code is a unique method for releasing trapped negative emotions.  While it’s normal to experience negative emotions throughout our lives, we are able to heal from them with self-care or external support. But some negative emotions get trapped in the body or psyche of the person and cause physical or emotional problems.

During an Emotion Code session, I find trapped emotions that can be released during a session. I use muscle testing to find trapped emotions and I can find out when they became trapped. Some emotions are trapped in utero or at another age in life. But sometimes negative emotions are  inherited. Once all that is figured out, I can guide the client to remove the trapped emotion.

Approximately 5 trapped emotions are released within one session. That may seem paltry compared to the number of emotions that may be trapped. But the process is beautiful and all releases can lead to greater calm and awareness.

Many people develop a cluster of trapped emotions that have formed into a heart wall. Heart walls can limit one’s ability to give and receive love or feel appreciation for oneself. Heart walls can usually be removed in three or four sessions.

It is particularly wonderful to release inherited trapped emotions. Not only does the client recieve a healing but the ancestor does as well and anyone else in their lineage who has absorbed the trapped emotion from the ancestor.

The Emotion Code is a beautiful healing process. You might sign up for one session out of curiosity but consider scheduling a package of sessions for more in-depth healing.

All sessions are done remotely via Zoom.
Length of Session:  60 minutes

Single Session:  $95.00
Session Bundles (must be paid for in advance):
Three Sessions (must be done within 3 months):  $255.00 (save $30)
Five Sessions (must be done within 5 months):  $400.00 (save $75)

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