Emotion Code

Any time you experience an insult, trauma, or shock, it can leave a vibrational resonance that embeds in the organs of your body or psyche. These ‘trapped emotions’ operate like time-capsules that lay dormant until a new event triggers it to  re-member the resonance. When triggered persistently, trapped emotions may lead to illness. Because they operate on a subconscious level, they can tarnish your way of seeing yourself or the world.

An Emotion Code session serves to remove trapped emotions or heart walls made from multiple trapped emotions. The Emotion Code practitioner is trained to find trapped emotions and determine your age when each one was trapped and in which organs they live. Once found, the trapped emotion is released simply and easily. Some trapped emotions are inherited, in which case, it is released from you, your ancestor, and anyone else in your lineage that also inherited it from the ancestor.

I use the Emotion Code on myself and my family and I have worked on clients remotely from around the world. I love all of my healing tools but I must say that the Emotion Code is unique in how quickly it can create beneficial change in a person.

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Length of Session:  1 hour
Cost:  $95.00 (Venmo or Paypal)

Location:  remotely via SKYPE
or in-person by appointment at:
TRS Inc. Professional Suite
40 Exchange Place, 3rd Floor
(also known as 27 William)
New York, NY 10005

Questions? Contact: eloisawildrosereiki@gmail.com