Emotion Code

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The Emotion Code is an ingenious process that allows you to release trapped emotions quickly and effortlessly. What are trapped emotions and where do they come from?

Injuries (emotional or physical) or a trauma or shock, can leave a vibrational resonance that embeds in the organs of your body or psyche. These ‘trapped emotions’ operate like time-capsules that lay dormant until a new event triggers it to reactivate. When triggered persistently, trapped emotions can lead to illness. Trapped emotions operate on a subconscious level, they can tarnish your way of seeing yourself or the world.

As an Emotion Code Practitioner I am trained to locate trapped emotions in the client. I can ascertain at what age it originated and I will guide you to remove the trapped emotion with the use of a simple magnet or the palm of your hand.

Some folks have a developed a cluster of trapped emotions that have formed into a heart wall. The heart wall can limit one’s ability to give and receive love. Heart walls take 1 to 3 sessions to remove and we untangle and release the trapped emotions therein.

Some trapped emotions are inherited, in which case it is released from you, your ancestor, and anyone else in your lineage that also inherited it from the ancestor. Psychics have said that the ancestor shows up for their healing!

I use the Emotion Code on myself as well as on clients around the world. I love all of my healing methods in which I’ve been trained but I must say that the Emotion Code is unique and fun!

All sessions are done remotely using Zoom or phone.

To schedule Your Emotion Code Session, please send an email to me at eloisawildrosereiki@gmail.com
Include your full name, time zone, phone number, and details of what you wish to address in the session.

Length of Session:  60 minutes
Cost:  $149.00

Payment Methods (‘Eloise’ is used for business):
Venmo – payable to @eloisedeleon
Paypal – to Eloise De Leon at eloisawildrosereiki@gmail.com