Energy Balancing Numbers

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Lloyd Mear is an older gentleman with the unique ability to determine numerical frequencies of illnesses and ways to heal. Lloyd and his wife, Phyllis, developed a book of numerical frequencies now used by an enthusiastic group of energy healing practitioners such as myself. This methodology is known as Energy Balancing Numbers (EBN).

For example, the numerical frequency to reduce bruising is 89273648297. 

There are numbers for colds, the flu, strengthening bones, eliminating spinal anomalies, and the list goes on. There are numerical frequencies to eliminate mold, arthritis, parasites… And there’s a numerical frequency for the powerful crystal, shungite, and higher states of consciousness. There are many numbers for serious illnesses.

There are specific instructions for how to use the numbers so that your body acclimates to the frequency. That is what will support your healing.

This service is now offered on a donation basis. If you are interested, here’s how it would work:

  1.  15-minute phone consultation about your issue – one issue per consultation.
  2. I will research which numerical frequencies are best for you pertaining to your issue. This may take up to 48 hours.
  3. 30-minute phone consultation resulting in suggested numerical frequencies (between 1 – 4 sequences) with instructions for how to use them.
  4. Email check-in (one week later) regarding usage and results.

Schedule a Session

Sliding Scale Donation (you choose what to pay) $65 – $95. Payable via Venmo or Paypal before the first consultation.