Eva: Seeing through the Heart

Every session begins as the client imagines a landscape.

Eva’s inner landscape was a desert with dry cactus and scarce vegetation. Eva spotted a hill and an eagle guided her to walk around it. She was surprised to find the other side lush and flowing with silvery water that was very reflective. We then invited Madre, a spirit guide who I frequently work with in sessions, to work with Eva in her Inner Journey session.

Madre appeared to Eva surrounded by light, wearing a long white robe. Madre was elevated in the air—her feet did not touch the ground, but her glowing light did. She extended her arms with palms turned upward. Madre told Eva that she had sent balls of energy into the earth to make it lush and happy. She explained, “We have the ability to create and change the earth. The earth is in our hands. We think we are in it, but the earth in our hands. Hold it and give it energy.” Madre told Eva to keep turning her head to see the difference between the two sides of the hill so that she could see, “It’s so close but so different.”

Eva asked Madre for advice about a new relationship in her life. Eva was a busy scholar and that left little room for romance. Madre told her, “There are roles…we confuse social roles with our divine roles and that’s why there is inner conflict in women. If we follow our divine role it is effortless. We could enjoy living our role and it would be pleasurable and beautiful. It’s a gift to be a woman. Our capacity is so large, so vast. We shouldn’t think we’ll run out of energy or get tired. We’re filled with energy as we fulfill our divine roles as women…. Don’t fear experiencing life. It doesn’t hurt. It’s just an experience. It’s not happening to you. It doesn’t hurt you. It never hurts your higher self. Your higher self has so much light, that from that location you don’t see your body. It’s irrelevant, temporary.”

Eva asked Madre for a healing. Madre placed her hands on Eva’s head and suddenly Eva saw a green light around herself and Madre. Everything was seen in shades of green. Madre told Eva that she was seeing through her heart. “When you see through your heart some things disappear and some things that you couldn’t see before, appear. You are able to see new life.”

When she ended the healing, Madre projected images of children saying that they can see her. “We need to teach children about the light so that they know what they are seeing when they see spirits. Let them know it’s real.”