Flower Essences

Each flower carries special healing qualities. A Flower Essence offers the vibrational essence of the flower anchored in small glass bottle of water. You take only a few drops each day in order to gain it’s healing qualities.

There are three steps to this service:
1) Consultation (discuss your needs or goals)
2) Flower Essence Blend delivered to you in the mail.
3) Follow-up call to monitor your progress while taking the essence.

Here are a few examples of flower qualities:
Wildrose: revitalizes a person’s energies, giving them greater enthusiasm for life.
Scotchbroom: helps one deal with the overwhelm of societal chaos and division.
Yarrow: helps highly sensitive people develop strong boundaries and it protects them from negative influences in their surroundings. 

Flower Essence Session / Cost:  97.00
(payable via Venmo @wildrosereiki)
♥  initial 50-minute consultation via Zoom
♥  a custom-made Flower Essence blend mailed to you. (w/in U.S.)
♥  follow-up call/email, two weeks after you start the flower essences.

To schedule a Flower Essence Session: send an email to eloisemargaret@gmail.com. Please add your full name, phone number, time zone. You will be sent an intake form to be completed before your session.