Flower Essences



Flower Essences are small bottles of water in an alcohol base, that carries the vibrational essence of a specific flower. Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine, with subtle but profound powers. As a  Flower Essence Practitioner, I offer consultations to determine which flower essences can best suit your personality and support you to face your challenges. I can create a custom blend for you to use during an especially difficult time, or I can create a blend that supports your evolution and spiritual development.

Wildrose Flower Essence revitalizes a person’s energies, giving them greater enthusiasm for life. Scotchbroom Flower Essence helps one deal with the overwhelm of societal chaos and division. Yarrow Flower Essence helps highly sensitive people develop strong boundaries and it protects them from negative influences in their surroundings. 

I primarily use Bach Flower Essences and Flower Essence Services to create your individualized flower essence formula.

Flower Essences, as vibrational medicine, are subtle. So after taking a Flower Essence or blend, you may not notice a dramatic change, but you will probably notice that you feel better, have a better outlook, and can accomplish more than before you started the Flower Essence blend. 

Schedule a Session
Cost:  $115.00
Includes:  45-minute consultation, a custom Flower Essence blend (cost for s/h is extra), brief follow-up phone call two weeks after starting the essence. 

Questions? Email:  eloisewildrosereiki@gmail.com

Disclaimer:  Flower Essences are not prescribed to clients nor do they act as a substitute for medical care or professional therapy.