Flower Essences



A Flower Essence is the healing vibration of a flower. Each flower has unique healing qualities that have been well documented for the past 91 years, beginning with Dr. Bach’s groundbreaking research. Wildrose Flower Essence, for instance, helps revitalize a person’s energies, giving them greater enthusiasm for life.

Flowers offer vibrational healing qualities through their vibrational essence. During a Flower Essence consultation, we discuss who you are and in which ways life seems out of balance for you. Afterwards I can determine which flower essences would best support your well-being and create a blend of flower essences into a single-bottle formula and mailed to you. I primarily use Bach Flower Essences and Flower Essence Services to create your individualized flower essence formula.

Flower Essences, as vibrational medicine, are subtle. So something that distresses you before taking the Flower Essence, may simply fade away unnoticed. Flower Essences can support you emotionally and that can lead to a ripple effect on your physical well-being. 

Schedule a Session
Cost:  $125.00
This includes a 50-minute consultation, one Flower Essence formula (mailing cost included w/in U.S.), and a 15-minute follow-up call.

Questions? Email:  eloisewildrosereiki@gmail.com

Disclaimer:  Flower Essences are not prescribed to clients nor do they act as a substitute for medical care or professional therapy.