Holodynamics – I learned this wonderful technique years ago, from its creator, Vernon K. Woolf. It was at a cozy workshop in Santa Barbara, one of my favorite places in California. I had already read the book, Holodynamics, which outlined the process and theory. When it was time to practice it in the workshop, I was thrilled that it was so easy and delightful. For a short while I traded sessions with a fellow workshop attendee. Those sessions allowed me to meet my own Full Potential Self (FPS), that part of the person that exists in the etheric realm and has a vast understanding of the cosmos and the self. My FPS was hilarious, cracking jokes and sending me visual messages to illustrate something vital for me to understand.

That was fourteen years ago. Since then I have led many, many people through this enjoyable process in order to gain insight into their problems, conflicts, confusion, goals and burning questions, all in the name of self-development.

‘Holodynamics’ can be a confusing name for folks so let me explain it here. ‘Holo’ means whole, and ‘dynamic’ refers to a force in motion. Holodynamics is a method for being whole and wholly aligned with whatever it is that you choose to pursue and achieve. Holodynamics also allows you to connect with your Full Potential Self which is key in the development of self-love and understanding one’s self.

Holodynamic sessions are playful, insightful and emotionally enriching. A single session is often interesting but for some people, more sessions will help you through specific issues in your life. So I’ve created a discount for clients who would like to go deeper with the process.

Holodynamic sessions are offered via Skype or Hangouts.

Single session: 75 minutes/$95.00

Rose Package:  4 bi-weekly sessions for a duration of two months. The sessions will be audio recorded and emailed to you. Cost:  $340.00 ($85.00 per session)

To schedule, send your full name and phone number to eloisemargaret@gmail.com and date/time you wish to begin your session.

$20 fee for cancelled appointments without at least 6 hours notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Clients’ Comments

“Thank you Eloise 🙏 you’re practice & healing modality is such a gift…so authentic & unique.” – Donna V.

I had a session with Eloise. It was absolutely amazing! It was one of the deepest, most intense and interesting experiences I have ever had. Whenever I have an experience like this, part of me just tries to blow it off and say that I just imagined everything, but this was so detailed—I can still remember it vividly like it actually happened in physical reality. I’m still stunned as I’m writing this.
– Candice A.

I feel like I have entered a new level in my life and I am overjoyed… I’m so thankful you helped me access this. It is changing my life powerfully. When I read the notes, which I’ve done several times, I am filled with a feeling of love, joy, peace, so many good things…it’s surprising to me how deep I went.” – Tessa.N.

I’m still flying from a recent session guided by Eloise de León! Eloise’s support and guidance truly create fertile ground to expand awareness of the wisdom within. I did mine long distance, and it was amazing.” – Endy B.

The following client comment came from a client who had several sessions during the time she underwent treatment for cancer: 

I think about those often. Every now and then I’ll see a patient in recovery or going through treatment and if I feel inspired to share that I also am a survivor, they may ask how the journey [session] affected me or what I did, etc. I always mention that working with you and inner journeying was paramount. That particular transition in my life was profound, (scary, of course) but beautiful because I was able to dive so deep. I feel so honored to have been able to work with you. Thank you for sharing your time with me like that!” – J.N.