Inner Journey

An Inner Journey session is a dive into the subconscious, into your deep well of wisdom. Would you like to be able to answer questions about your life and the challenges you are facing? The Inner Journey is designed to guide you to your own answers.

In this very special session, you are asked to use either your playful imagination or your intuitive skills if you are so blessed. Either way will open the door to an inner landscape where you will find loving guides from which to seek counsel.

The Inner Journey session begins with a deep relaxation process. From there, the images of landscapes and personal guides begin – and the questions and answers you have about life, purpose, and challenges are revealed.

Inner Journey sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Length of session: 90 minutes

Cost: $125.00 (Venmo or PayPal)

Includes: recorded audio of the session

To schedule an appointment, please send an email to with your full name and phone number. Expect a text from me to set up a brief consultation before we schedule your session.

Clients’ Comments

“Working with Eloisa over the last 8 years has benefited my life beyond measure. In the beginning we worked through fears as I battled breast cancer. Through her heart-centered relaxation techniques & Inner Journey experience, I found ways to release fear and actually found joy and hope. Then we worked on rebuilding my life and the stressors one faces in the post-cancer Journey. Eloisa has supported me through moves across the country a couple times, starting an acupuncture practice, major fire devastation, dealing with life’s ups and downs and now this current Covid 19 health crisis and the uncertainties that it brings. I always look forward to Inner Journeys with Eloisa! She is pure joy and makes diving into the “scarier” sides of life so much easier. I am stronger today more than ever! I told her recently that I use some of her meditation techniques regularly and have taught many patients as well. Eloisa is the perfect example of the most beautiful ripple effect.”
– Tessa N.

“I’m still flying from a recent Inner Journey session guided by Eloisa de León! Eloisa’s support and guidance truly create fertile ground to expand awareness of the wisdom within. It was amazing.” – Endy B.

Below are links to short excerpts from five Inner Journey sessions. I am very grateful to each person for giving their permission to share these on my website.

MeredithCreating healthy boundaries.

EVASeeing through the Heart

MARI:  Isis unbinds Mari’s wings.

Cheryl:  Prepare for Change

TessaChildhood Innocence and Joy