Inner Journey

An Inner Journey session begins with a deep relaxation. From there you are guided to use your intuition to connect with members of your spirit guidance team. You can connect with your Higher Self, inner child, or spirit guide. I always create a protective shield around us during the session and carefully monitor the client’s comfort and safety.

I’ve been offering these sessions for over ten years and they are the most joyful and profound of my services! Inner Journey sessions are safe and confidential and they are conducted via Zoom.

Length of session: 90 minutes

Cost: $108.00 (Venmo @eloisedeleon)

Includes: recorded audio or notes from the session

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Below are links to short passages from Inner Journey sessions. I am grateful to each client who gave their permission to share an extract from their story on my website.

MeredithCreating healthy boundaries.

EVASeeing through the Heart

MARI:  Isis unbinds Mari’s wings.

Cheryl:  Prepare for Change

TessaChildhood Innocence and Joy