Intuitive Counseling

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Intuitive Counseling sessions are relaxed and confidential. Together, we create a safe space in which you can both reflect and anchor new possibilities for your life.

If you are facing an interpersonal conflict, I will help you defuse its charge so that you can move through it with greater understanding and less fear and/or anger.

If you are hindered by self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, I will teach you to replace them with self-awareness, confidence and productivity.

Intuitive Counseling sessions are uplifting. I integrate energy healing techniques in the sessions, such as the EFT/Tapping, grounding, Mindfulness, and heart-centered meditation. 

Schedule a Session
Send an email to Include your full name, phone number, time zone. Sessions are done remotely via Skype/Phone

Intuitive Counseling session (one hour) $75.00 
Payment Methods:
Venmo – payable to @eloisedeleon
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Clients’ Comments
[note:  My legal name is ‘Eloise’, but I go by ‘Eloisa’.]

Eloisa is an amazing healer, listener, and compassionate human being. Full of wisdom and love. Thank you for helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Guiding me towards the healing light and enriching my life with the knowledge and tools to continue with gratitude and love. All is full of love.” – L.T.

Eloisa’s approach is unique…she allows you to tap into your own inner guidance. She puts you in touch with yourself with her creative exercises and sense of spirituality.
— E. C.

Eloise is a multi-talented teacher and healer. Her ability to guide offers tremendous opportunities for growth, the expression of personal power and self-confidence.” – B.T.

I want to thank you for the work that you do. After our first session I have to admit, the feeling I had around me was exhilarating…even the next day I felt so connected, so much happiness within, and as I looked outside and all around I took deep breaths admiring creation, because the world seemed so beautiful. So much gratitude for your patience in teaching me new ways of healing as I know we can help heal this world one person at a time.” – Diane D.V.