Jin Shin Wellness

Relax deeply while holding your fingers…

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient healing technique re-discovered by Jiro Murai in the early 1900s in Japan. It is somewhat similar to acupressure except there is no pressure involved. Jin Shin needs only a light placement of the fingers on the body to kickstart the flow of energy in a person. Flowing energy leads to good health and wellness. The client remains fully clothed throughout the session.

In Jin Shin, instead of saying ‘problems’ we say ‘projects’ – projects that we eagerly seek to address with this subtle energy technique. The session is relaxing and afterwards the client is guided in how to do a couple of easy Jin Shin ‘holds’ at home. In this way, the client is encouraged to maintain responsibility for their healing.

To schedule a Jin Shin Wellness session with Eloise, visit http://www.tigerlilyholistic.com. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and the cost is $85.00.
Acupuncture ear beads (no needles) are available at the end of the session for an additional $10.00.

Jin Shin Wellness sessions are held at Tigerlily Holistic community acupuncture clinic in the neighborhood of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY.

Tigerlily Holistic Community Acupuncture