Life Coaching

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Life Coaching sessions are relaxed and confidential. We can work via Zoom to create a safe space in which you can reflect on a current challenge or goal. 

If you are have an interpersonal conflict, you will see how to defuse its charge in you and gain understanding of both sides of the conflict.

If you are hindered by self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, you will learn to replace them with confidence and productivity.

If you have a goal to achieve, you can map out the steps to achieve it and realize how to maintain accountability for yourself, knocking down barriers in the way.

If you are confused about your path or purpose in life, you will be able to explore your unique human design and what environment, work, and ways to achieve goals work for YOU.

Life Coaching sessions are gentle but also dynamic. Over a series of sessions I integrate effective healing modalities such as the Emotion Code and EFT-tapping

Are you ready for positive change?

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Please pay in advance:  $65.00 / 1 hour session
Venmo – payable to @eloisedeleon
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