Long Distance Reiki


Long Distance Reiki is an opportunity for people anywhere in the world to have access to this beautiful healing energy.

People with a serious or long-term illness will find this an excellent way to support their healing and increase their emotional resiliency.

Reiki can be sent backwards in time to heal heart wounds; to the  present time to cut energy cords to others; and forwards into the future* to smooth the path ahead.

I have adjusted my fee for this service to make it more accessible. If you have the funds, I encourage you to gift Long Distance Reiki to an ill friend or elderly relative. And of course, request it for yourself!

To schedule:  send an email to eloisawildrosereiki@gmail.com along with:
–  your full legal name
–  your area code and phone number
–  short description of the issue
–  (optional)  a photo of yourself (or the person receiving your gift of Reiki)

I can only accommodate a limited number of requests, so please wait for a confirmation before you make a payment.

Cost$29 per session for a 30-minute Long Distance Reiki session.
Payable by Paypal or by Venmo.

* Please note that when Reiki is sent for an issue in the future, it is not meant to win you a sweepstakes or clear you of a judgment when you are in the wrong. And it is not mean to interfere with anyone else’s karma. Instead, it is meant to cleanse your energy system and anchor you in your body and in your heart so that you can handle whatever comes your way at that time in the future.