MARI: Isis unbinds Mari’s wings

Excerpt from Mari’s session:

Before our session, Mari told me about a lucid dream she’d had in which Isis had given her teachings with symbols. The dream was wonderful but confusing so we decided to invite Isis into the Inner Journey session.

Isis appeared to Mari as a slender Egyptian woman with dark skin, a triangular chin, and high cheek bones. She wore a golden robe and a golden headdress. In the middle of the headdress was an oval gemstone that Mari guessed was an opal. Mari added, “Her hair was amazing! You could tell it was long but it was pulled up.” Isis also had long, wide wings that reached down to the ground.

Mari asked Isis for counsel. Although Mari was powerful as a dancer, visual artist, and healer, she kept quiet about herself. She could not say what was on her mind and tended to leave things unspoken and pent up inside. Isis advised her, “It would be a lot easier if you practiced your agility more. Develop your physical strength. Don’t see it as a discipline but rather as a joyful thing. Enjoy physically moving, but do it more and in different ways to release tension and to process energy.

Isis spoke to Mari about her life path. “Your life path is what you choose. Right now you’re working on being more aware of your voice and the relationship of your voice to the cosmos and earth and people around you. You’ve been able to do a lot of different things in art and creativity but some things have made you afraid of amplifying your voice. A lot of women are scared to use their voice because in other lives they were tortured for using their voice, especially when they were vocalizing nature’s way.” Isis agreed to give Mari a healing and said that it would help her release that pattern from past lives. “There have been oppressions that bind women’s wings. It makes them mute. I can help by unbinding the wings and that means that you have to be very nurturing to yourself because the wings are very sore and the voice is fragile. It will give you a chance to think of what you want to say and where you want to fly. Sometimes in other lives we didn’t understand the power of our lives or presence. Now we know their power.”

Isis repeated that it would be necessary for Mari to be easy on herself and take it slowly after her wings were unbound. “Other women need to know this, too. They try to fly but their wings are weak. No blame. They need to heal and to develop the capacity to fly.” Isis showed Mari where in her wings, feathers were missing. Mari could see the cartilage. Isis told Mari, “Sometimes it’s why women have pain in their back, they’re holding bound wings that are heavy and they don’t even realize it.”

Mari watched Isis remove a rope that had been wrapped around her wings. She described the unbinding aloud, “Isis is taking her hands and running them along the wings and I can see her hand sparkle. There’s an energy coming from her hands to the wings. She caressed my throat and forehead. She says I’ll have plenty of help getting better.”

Later, Mari wrote about her session:

The session was liberating in ways I never imagined. Unbinding my wings felt like an ancient ritual that was both familiar and new, simultaneously. In some way I felt like all wombynhood was feeling my release and benefiting from it too! I am thankful to Eloise for guiding me through the process.”