Meredith: Releasing Energy Cords

Meredith’s issue was an overbearing family. She wanted to enjoy family holidays and share news about her life with them. But often she was criticized for her choices. Many people can relate to this experience!

During Meredith’s session she was able to receive love and support from her inner guide. The inner validation was soothing. She was also able to invite the maternal energy of the divine feminine into the session.

Once invited, we waited only seconds for the feminine guide to arrive. She wore a long drape over her hair because it was a windy day and she appeared as a weathered, older, wiser woman, very fragile but with inner strength. Meredith asked for her name and she replied, “Mother.”

As the session facilitator, I sometimes speak directly to the spirit guides. I spoke aloud and asked (with Meredith’s permission) if Mother could cut away energetic cords from Meredith—family cords that were controlling her. Mother told Meredith that yes, she could do this. Meredith watched Mother pull out from her by the yards, wispy, glowing strings that resembled sun rays. Mother snipped them little by little. The strings floated away after they’d been cut.

She then put both hands on Meredith’s forehead, with her palms next to her eyes. Mother closed her eyes and transmitted a prayer to Meredith. Meredith felt warm trickles from her head downward and said, “I see myself getting brighter from head to toe. I think it’s because of the warmth.”

Mother removed her hands from Meredith’s head, sat down on a stool and nodded as if something good just happened. Meredith commented, “It feels comforting.”

We asked Mother, “How will this healing affect Meredith’s relationship with her family?” Mother told her, “…it will be a process.” Meredith added, “I have to keep reminding myself to be aware of my reactions, to identify when I feel upset and bothered and to learn to walk away.”

Mother helped Meredith preserve her relationship with her family by helping her set safe, self-respecting boundaries. The weight of the advice is greater when it comes from within the deepest recesses of one’s self and one’s loving spirit guidance. This is the nature of healing from the inside out.