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A Platica (talk) offers you a space in which to be heard and valued – a safe space for reflection about how to navigate through your life or a current issue you are facing. Platicas are designed to empower and uplift you. Platicas are relaxed and confidential and conducted via Zoom.

If you are have an interpersonal conflict, you will be guided in how to defuse its charge in you and gain understanding of both sides of the conflict.

If you are hindered by self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, you will learn tools to replace negative self-talk and beliefs with confidence and productivity.

If you have a goal, you can set up a timeline and resource list, map out the steps to achieve your goal, decide how to maintain accountability, and note what markers will give you evidence you’re on track towards your goal. We will use energy processes and visualizations to help you create this framework.

Platicas are gentle but also dynamic. Over a series of sessions, effective healing modalities are integrated into the sessions such as the Emotion Code and EFT-tapping.

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Platica (one hour):  $75.00 Payment Methods:
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