[Photo:  The Reiki Principles from Mikao Usui, practiced by Reiki practitioners.]

Reiki sessions are offered in-person from Reiki Master, Eloise DeLeon, at Tigerlily Holistic, a community acupuncture clinic in Brooklyn. 

Reasons for having a Reiki session:
a. feeling out of sorts
b. short or long-term illness (non-contagious)
c. to feel centered and calm
d. to decrease stress or anxiety
e. to strengthen your spiritual connection

A Reiki session is done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. As the practitioner, I place my hands on or hovering over a series of energy points on the body. Having been attuned to Reiki energy, it is emitted from the palms of my hands and that energy acts as a catalyst to move stuck or stagnant energy in the recipient’s body. By releasing that energy, the person is able to feel better in their body again and to feel greater mental clarity.

Healthy Line Inframat Pro mats cover all the treatment tables at Tigerlily Holistic. The mats are filled with jade and tourmaline crystals to promote a sense of harmony and a stable mind. The mat’s infra-red heat provides deep healing to the cells of the body and reduces muscular tension.

This special Reiki session with crystals, serves to enhance the immune system, balance the nervous system, provide deep relaxation, cleanse the aura, and promote deep healing.

Cost: $75.00 for a 1-hour session.
Reiki is offered at Tigerlily Holistic only on Saturdays at 3pm & 4:30pm

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Payments are made directly to Eloise DeLeon via Venmo @eloisedeleon
Cancellations with less than 12 hours notice are charged $20. 

Tigerlily Holistic community acupuncture clinic
36 Wyckoff St, off of Starr St., Brooklyn
[L train to the Jefferson St. station]

Questions? Email or text (917) 892-6425.


Q:  What can I expect from a Reiki session?
A:  After a 50-minute Reiki session, clients feel a sense of inner peace and calm. It can offer physical comfort during times of illness. Although Reiki will not solve your problems directly, it can help you move out from an anxious, fearful, or irritated state. Then you may be better able to address your problems and goals.

Q:  Do I have to undress for a Reiki session?
A:  No.

Q:  How often should I have Reiki?
A:  It depends on the level of stress in your life. Generally speaking, having Reiki in every season is nice. But if you have a challenging life-style at work or home, then have sessions as often as it suits you.

Q:  How long will the benefits last?
A   That really depends on how you live your life. Many clients say they carry around the nice energy for the rest of the week and it allows them to conduct their activities with greater ease.  Here’s a personal story: Once I had the loveliest ayurvedic massage. Afterwards, I called a friend to join me for a walk on the beach. My friend spent the entire time complaining about her boyfriend. I felt myself sinking lower and lower, losing the glow of my session. What I learned is that after a session you are still undergoing a tender healing phase. It’s important to take time out to nourish yourself with what brings you calm and peace.

When you have Reiki on a regular basis, you will become more familiar with the harmonious state of being that it creates in you and may feel naturally inclined to establish that on a daily basis by learning energy wellness techniques. In so doing, it’s likely that you will naturally gravitate towards what uplifts you instead of who or what drags you down.

QCan I use Reiki instead of medicine or a therapist?
A:  Reiki is not meant to substitute for medical or therapeutic care. It is considered a complementary form of healing. If you need medical care or professional therapy, please get it, and Reiki can be a nice addition to your wellness care (speak with your health care provider).