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Reiki is a method of energy healing in which a practitioner places their hands over energy centers on the client’s body in order to activate the flow of life force energy.

People choose Reiki sessions for a variety of reasons:
1)  emotional distress (shock, grief, anger, fear)
2)  physical illness
3)  to emotionally prepare for a big event
4)  to recuperate (e.g. a tiring trip, big event, medical       procedure, childbirth, etc.

After a 50-minute session which augments the healing process, clients typically feel peaceful, and enjoy a greater sense of clarity. Reiki can provide calm in emergencies and offer comfort during times of turmoil or illness. During a Reiki session, stress is gently released and afterwards the client is able to resume their day with a renewed sense of optimism. Reiki is used widely by both lay and professional health care workers. It is used in homes, clinics, hospitals and can even be performed during surgeries.

Reiki by itself is profound. But I add several things to my sessions that make them both unique and powerful. I use a singing bowl to begin and end each session; a few acupressure points if needed; and an energy ring (created by Slim Spurling) that amplifies the energy work.

At Tigerlily Holistic Acupuncture, the client may also lay on an amethyst filled mat for their session. Talk about a royal treatment!

Legal Disclaimer:  Reiki is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic care but serves as a complementary form of healing. 

Cost: $95 / 55 minutes (credit card or cash)
Location:  Tigerlily Holistic Community Acupuncture
360 Jefferson St, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Bushwick, take L train to the Jefferson station)

Available times:  appointments are during the evening clinic at 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm. To schedule your appointment, text (917) 892-6425 with time preference. You will receive a return confirmation.

Please schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance. No walk-ins.



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