Reiki Lineage for Eloise De Leon

My Reiki journey began with Ann Van Buskirk, my teacher for Reiki I & I.  Serena Poisson was my Reiki Master teacher for Reiki III. Two other people were tantamount to my growth as a Reiki practitioner:  Laurel Barille, who was the Clinical Counselor & Oncology Social Worker at Sharp’s Memorial Hospital San Diego, where she developed a nightly Reiki Program for patients served by volunteer Reiki practitioners; and Madre Sarita who allowed me to give her Reiki on a routine basis in her last year of life, each time blessing my hands with her wondrous powers. May these beautiful teachers and everyone in my lineage be blessed!

Reiki Master Lineage

Mikao Usui

Chijiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Iris Ishikuro

Arthur Robertson

Rick and Emma Ferguson

Margarette L. Shelton

Kathleen Ann Milner

Arline E. Rowden

Karyn Mitchell

Christine Jirsa

Fred Smalley

Phil Angerm

Serena Poisson

Eloise De Leon