Reiki Hand Positions for Others





Hands on or slightly above eyes.






Hands covering temples.






Hands cupping back of head.






Hands hovering above neck.





Either both hands over the heart chakra, or alternate position is as pictured, with one hand on upper chest and the other over the heart chakra.





Hands over the upper abdomen (3rd chakra).







Hands over 2nd chakra.



L. hands over neck; R. hands over upper back.






L. Hands over heart area; R. Hands over back.




One hand over lower back and other hovers over coccyx.









Hands over the knees.






Place one hand over the ankle and other hand over the sole of the foot. Then do this on the other foot.



Ta da! Final check-in (offer a glass of water). The person will continue their cleansing process for a day or two, so it’s best to eat protein and stay hydrated and take it easy.