Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki with Roses & Crystals

Enjoy a Reiki energy session with roses and crystals. Reiki means universal life force energy and that is what the practitioner directs into your body and life for your highest good and wellbeing. Reiki helps to enliven the flow of your energy and it re-activates your innate self-healing ability. Feel refreshed and have greater clarity with Reiki.

It’s especially good to have a Reiki session at each change of season and it’s always nice to use it to mark special passages in your life (birthdays, graduations, new job, engagement, new baby). You can think of Reiki as an empowerment session because it really does fuel one’s inner resources.

Practitioner, Eloise DeLeon, has been a Reiki practitioner for 21 years and a Reiki Master for 17 years. She has worked extensively with oncology patients in San Diego and NYC. She has taught Reiki I and II in San Diego, NYC, and Panajachel in Guatemala.

Reiki in-person sessions are held at Tigerlily Holistic, a community acupuncture clinic a couple of blocks from Bushwick/Ridgewood border, in Brooklyn. It is off the L train nearest the Jefferson exit.
Cost: $85.00 for 50 minutes.
Schedule on the website.