Tessa: Healing Through Playful Joy

Note:  In every session, the client narrates aloud what is happening in their inner journey and it is recorded either in writing or by audio.

Tessa began having Inner Journey sessions while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The Inner Journey sessions complemented her medical care and supported her healing process. During her first session, Tessa built an endearing relationship with her higher self who she knew as ‘Esther.’ Esther looked just like Tessa but with long blonde hair instead of Tessa’s short hair that was just starting to grow back in after treatments. Esther was full of love, hugs and reassurance.

After a deep relaxation, Tessa closed her eyes to begin her Inner Journey. She was surprised to see herself as a child of 3 or 4 years old. She said, “I’m bending over at the water’s edge, playing with shells and clams. I hear ocean waves and seagulls and the voices of other children. I hear my mom’s voice, too, and my grandfather’s voice. It’s late in the day, the sun is getting ready to go down. There’s a little breeze. I’m wearing a white, gauzy dress and I’m barefoot. I have chubby baby arms and I’m tanned. I can see the water’s gentle back and forth motion. I’m in a wading pool type area. It feels like I have all the time in the world.”

Tessa invited her higher self, Esther, to visit her in her inner journey. Esther had a human form in previous Inner Journey sessions but this time she appeared as a dolphin and then shape-shifted into a mermaid! She kept morphing between the two forms. Tessa informed me, “Esther’s talking to me like I’m a little girl. She’s playing with me as a little girl, tickling me, saying nice things to me, looking at me with love in her eyes.”

Esther asked Tessa, “Do you want to swim on my back?” Tessa called out to her mom on the beach to tell her she’d be back as she hopped on Esther’s back. “She told me we can breathe under water. She’s a mermaid, actually. We’re headed towards the sunset. Other dolphins and mermaids are coming to join us. They are interchangeable.”

A moment later, Tessa was smiling and giggling as she explained, “We jump up and go down, intersecting with them, joyful, spinning.” Esther alerted Tessa, “Now we’re going to dive down deep. You can breathe. You’re safe. Just hold onto my back.” Tessa narrated the action, “We’re going down to an Atlantis-like world. Like we’re in a tube and the ocean parts around us. We’re shooting down.” Esther asked, “Isn’t this fun?” because she sensed that Tessa was a little apprehensive.

Esther reached back to pat Tessa’s head. Tessa said, “I’m getting bigger. I’m 14 years now.” Esther noted the change in Tessa’s age, saying, “You’re becoming a beautiful woman. I want to show you this world down here.” Tessa described her surroundings, saying, “It’s very black. Dark. It’s quiet.” Esther called her near and told her, “Touch something,” and as she did so, whatever she touched, lit up. They began touching things to light things up. “We’re laughing,” said Tessa, “Esther’s being goofy.” Esther laughed, “Light me up with your fingers!”

After a few moments, Tessa wanted to go back up, above the water. Esther told her to get back on her back so they could shoot upwards. “Now I’m 20 years,” Tessa noted. They raced back to shore and continued their playful adventure.

“Esther has a lion body with butterfly wings!” They stood together looking out at the coast. “Esther says that she’s always with me.” Tessa asked Esther, “Is this the right choice? Do I let it unfold?” Esther answered her, “Take it easy on yourself. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Allow yourself to be happy. You’re doing all the right things. Just keep moving forward the way that you are doing. Follow your instincts. Follow your heart.” Tessa asked Esther, “Will you be with me during surgery?” Esther reassured her, “Yes, of course.”

Esther’s reassurance meant everything to Tessa. She can call on Esther. Esther is represented as someone separate but in truth, Esther is Tessa – they are One. Esther is Tessa’s whole, divine nature with the perspective of Tessa’s eternal nature.