Three Pillars of Reiki

Three pillars of Reiki


Gassho literally means “palms of the hands placed together,” at the heart level. In our Reiki practice, we use Gassho in two ways:  at the beginning of a Reiki session and as a daily practice for meditation.

Reiji-ho (indication of the spirit) is a prayer request made during Gassho at the beginning of a Reiki session. The practitioner requests that their hands be guided by the energy of Reiki to those parts of the client’s body where healing is most needed and they ask for a complete healing for the person.

Chiryo refers to the Reiki treatment, itself, as the practitioner “leaves their ego at the door” and follows the routine pattern of hand positions and intuitive guidance. The Reiki practitioner serves as a conduit or empty vessel, allowing the energy of Reiki to determine the flow and where it goes.


Top Photo:  Reiki Practitioner, Brenda Figueroa